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By | March 31, 2015

Accenture Interview Experience 2015

Hello visitors,

I am Priyanka Khurana from Hyderabad and going to share my Accenture Interview Experience 2015 on this web portal. But before sharing my Accenture Interview Experience with you all, firstly I want to thanks admin of because I have learned a lot of things at my interview preparation time from this site only.

Now I want to share my Accenture Interview Experience on this portal, so that contenders who had already applied for or going to face Accenture Interview in future can take help from my experience. I hope that my experience proofs to be valuable to all visitors of and wishing that you also tell Your Interview Experience to others like mine.

My Accenture Interview Experience 2015

Personal Info:

Name: Priyanka Khurana

Age: 22 years

Qualification: B.Tech (Computer Science)

Nationality: Indian

Job Role: Software Engineer

How I applied for Accenture?

I had completed my B.Tech last year i.e. in 2014 and due to my failure in all campus placements, I seriously got demotivated by this and sometimes also irritated of not getting a good job. One day I was surfing on internet and as I am a regular visitor of, I read various interview experiences of different individuals posted by them. I read each and everything that how they prepared for it and how they faced interview round, what kinds of questions are asked by interviewers etc.

I got my motivation back and applied online on Accenture Official website. After 2-3 months I got a mail from a recruiter of Accenture for an interview opportunity and when I read job role on it, I got very much excited as the job was for a Software Engineer position i.e. of my preference only.

I immediately replied to that mail and the recruiter mailed me venue and timing where Accenture interview process is going to be taken place.

Accenture Selection Process

Accenture Hiring Process consists of three rounds i.e.

  1. Written Exam
  2. Technical Interview
  3. Personal Interview (HR round)

Round 1 (Written Exam)

In first round of Accenture Selection Process, a written test is conducted in which an Aptitude test is taken which is further divided into three rounds i.e. questions are asked from Verbal Ability, Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning.

Preparation of Written test:

I prepared for this test by solving questions from R.S. Aggarwal as it is one of the best books for preparation of any competitive exam and also internet is a vast source for collection of information related to any topic.

I remember some topics from whose questions are asked which I am also stating below.So, guys pay more attention to that topics first.

  • Verbal Ability:
    1. Fill blanks with appropriate words.
    2. Synonyms and Antonyms
    3. Passage reading
    4. Error detection
  • Quantitative Aptitude
    1. Number Series
    2. Profit and Loss
    3. Time and Work & Time and Distance
    4. Logarithms
    5. Simplification
    6. Partnerships
    7. Probability
    8. Problems on Trains
    9. Permutation and combinations
    10. Problems on Ages
  • Logical Reasoning
    1. Number, Alphabet Series
    2. Data Interpretation
    3. Statement and Conclusion
    4. Blood Relations
    5. Direction and distance
    6. Syllogism
    7. Seating Arrangement
    8. Puzzles

After completion of this round, results were announced and my name was called by one of the members of recruiter committee for next selection procedure i.e. Technical and HR round.

Accenture interview procedure starts from this point as written test is one step for getting an interview opportunity. I am sharing some Accenture Interview Questions that was asked by interviewer during my Technical and HR round.

Round 2(Technical Interview)

Interviewer:Tell us something about yourself?

Me: I am Priyanka Khurana from Hyderabad and had completed my B.Tech last year with 73% marks and did my schooling from D.A.V. public school.

Int: Tell the name of languages you know?

Me: C, C++, Java

Int: What is a stack?

Me: It is kind of data structure and data is stored in it with the help of FILO. When data is stored in stack, it is known as Push and when data is retrieved, it is known as Pull.

Int: What is the use of null character?

Me: It is used for showing the end of a string value.

Int: What is syntax error?

Me: It refers to mistakes done in programming language. It can be a error related to case sensitiveness, misplaced symbol or a lack of symbol.

Int: What is difference between JDK, JRE and JVM?

Me: Replied the answer like this:

  • JVM means Java Virtual Machine in which java bytecode is executed.
  • JRE means Java Runtime Environment used for implementation of JVM.
  • JDK stands for Java Development Kit which contains all JRE development tools.

Int: What is platform?

Me: Platform refers to hardware or software environment in which a program runs and java provides software based platform.

Int: What is constructor and if constructor can be made final?

Me: It is used to initialize the state of an object and constructor cannot be made final.

Int: Why multiple inheritance is not supported in java?

Me: For reducing complexity and simplifies the language, it is not used.

Int: Why we use object cloning?

Me: It is used to make an exact copy of an object.

Int: Can you declare the main method as final and how?

Me: Yes and like public static final void main(String[] args){}.

Int: Ok, priyanka nice talking with you.

After little time, result of Accenture Technical interview questions round was also declared and I got selected for HR round.

Round 3(HR Interview)

Member: Tell us something about yourself.

Me: I replied by giving my information in brief and simple way.

Member: Tell me something about your family?

Me: I replied that my father is a business man, my mother is a housewife and my younger brother is a student of class XI.

Member: Tell your 2 strengths and weaknesses?

Me: I am hardworking, punctual and I don’t like to tell my weaknesses in fact I want to say that I am improving my weakness of getting angry on small things.

Member: Are you satisfied with relocation?

Me: Yes

Member: How much salary do you expect?

Me: As offered to this position to an employee of Accenture.

Member: Would you like to ask us anything?

Me: I want to know upcoming researches and developments which are going to take place in Accenture.

Member: Ok, you may leave now.

Me: Thank you sir.

After completion of Accenture Selection Process or you can say Accenture Hiring Process, I feel very much relaxed and thinking that I was such an idiot that why I am fearing so much before appearing in Accenture Interview as it is very simple just like eating an ice cream.

The interviewer was so kind and lenient to me beyond my expectation. My personal advice to you all that don’t lose your confidence as it is one of the main step that will help you to grow your career.

Some tips to be remembered by you before appearing in interview:

  • Carry photocopies of all your educational qualification like 10th/12th Mark sheets, Degree certificates etc.
  • Gain knowledge regarding company profile, researches and developments etc.
  • Neat and clean dress up in which you feel comfortable.
  • Good communication skills as interviewer examine this thing first.

So, from all the readers of, I hope that you have learned a lot of things from my Accenture Interview Experience and I am sure that following this Accenture Selection Process, you will definitely crack Accenture Hiring Process.

All the Best!!!!!

Meet you in Accenture.

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